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void DCGuiApp::initToolBar (  )  [private]

this creates the toolbars. Change the toobar look and add new toolbars in this function

Definition at line 562 of file dcgui.cpp.

References fileToolbar, slotActionHubSearch(), slotActionServerList(), slotActionSpy(), slotActionTransferList(), slotActionUpdateManager(), slotFileCreateShare(), slotFileOptions(), and windowsTabBar.

Referenced by DCGuiApp().

      // TOOLBAR
      fileToolbar = new QToolBar(this, tr("Action"));



      QPixmap preferencesIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiCONFIGURE_22x22);
//    QToolButton * preferencesOpen =
      new QToolButton( preferencesIcon, tr("Open option dialog"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotFileOptions()), fileToolbar, "options" );


      QPixmap serverIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiSERVER);
//    QToolButton * serverOpen =
      new QToolButton( serverIcon, tr("Show Hub List"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotActionServerList()), fileToolbar, "hublist" );

      QPixmap searchIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiFIND_22x22);
//    QToolButton * searchOpen =
      new QToolButton( searchIcon, tr("Show Hub Search"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotActionHubSearch()), fileToolbar, "search" );

      QPixmap transferIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiTRANSFER);
//    QToolButton * transferOpen =
      new QToolButton( transferIcon, tr("Show Transfer List"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotActionTransferList()), fileToolbar, "transfer list" );

      QPixmap spyIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiSPY);
//    QToolButton * spyOpen =
      new QToolButton( spyIcon, tr("Show Spy"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotActionSpy()), fileToolbar, "spy" );

      QPixmap shareIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiRELOAD_22x22);
//    QToolButton * spyOpen =
      new QToolButton( shareIcon, tr("Recreate share"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotFileCreateShare()), fileToolbar, "recreate share" );

      QPixmap updateIcon = g_pIconLoader->GetPixmap(eiINFO_22x22);
      new QToolButton( updateIcon, tr("Show update manager"), QString::null,
                        this, SLOT(slotActionUpdateManager()), fileToolbar, "update manager" );

      windowsTabBar = new QToolBar(this, tr("Tab Bar"));
      windowsTabBar->setLabel(tr("Tab Bar"));
      // init tabbar

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